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Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Plan

Our sustainability plan, having embedded the current social and environmental challenges, has focused on four key areas:

  • Environment
  • Community
  • Workplace
  • Marketplace


Our environmental program involves the following aspects on which we have mainly focused

  • Reduction of water consumption with our recycling mainstream actions
  • Reduction of energy consumption through our saving and heat recovery actions
  • Reuse of our treated waste through our combined program with local and state authorities, local municipalities and farmer organizations

Community and Workplace

  • In every community in which we operate, we strive to maximize our contribution to the life style and quality of the local community. We realize a big strategic investment program, which enhances the company's development rate.
  • Within the austerity and recession period of the Greek economy we are glad to announce, that we offer more than 300 temporary and 25 permanent positions in our company until 2015.
  • A glocalized sourcing program is designed to support the local equipment suppliers whenever they can manufacture at same quality standards as the foreign ones.
  • Helping the neighbors around our premises to feel comfortable with our investing programs, offering them opportunities for jobs and respecting the environment, we return to the community all the benefits of a mutual development.


  • Increasing the budget and capabilities of our R&I department, and its collaboration and interaction with the other departments in the company, we work hard to meet the growing interest in products that are aligned with the current trend for well being, healthy and environmental friendly products and hence we are continuously increasing our range of products and services. Of course, all of them remain of high-quality standards and sector innovations.
  • We work together with our suppliers to secure the quantity and high quality of our raw materials that will help us to produce the best of nature and add value to our customers.
  • Our main raw materials are locally sourced fruits, which results in lower environmental impact through limited emissions due to short transportation distances.
  • An additional efficient network of suppliers provides us with all the ingredients, packaging materials and services we need.
  • We therefore work towards a Fair Competition Principles and ask our customers to confirm that our market concurrent respects their commitments, their contracts and their responsibilities as we do the last 42 years of our existence.