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Sustainability Policy

At Aspis everything we do, is driven by our simple promise: Natural, as the taste of nature.

This is a commitment that relates not only to ensure the authenticity and the safety of the juice, drink or food we drink and eat, but it is also about minimizing our impact on the environment, helping our suppliers and our customers worldwide to build their businesses, ensuring a rigid, reliable supply chain and improving the well being of the people, the end-users of our products across the globe.

We work towards a sustainable development that will fulfill the needs of today without shortening the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We, as private sector, should play our key role using our direct acting "weapons" such as access to research, innovation and experience. Collaborating with all other possible partners, national and international authorities, governmental bodies, NGOs and local communities, we must create synergies and initiatives to secure the future of the next generations while meeting all the needs of today.

Furthermore we, at Aspis, know very well that nature is the driving force of our business and the reason of our existence. We source 99.1% of our raw materials from natural sources of our neighborhood.

We are all aware, that around the world, population growth, increasing incomes, and climate change are putting evermore pressure on natural resources. Bearing all these in mind, our customers are driving transparency, traceability, ethical business practices, and operational efficiencies right through the value chain.

Thus from 2012, we step up our efforts to improve operational performance, reduce the energy and water consumption and reduce our environmental footprint along the value chain, but also with regard to labour practices, human rights and our maximum contribution to society as a whole. We strive to embrace these challenges proactively and utilize them as the "steam-engine" towards new opportunities.

We are increasing efficiency and reducing operational impacts and help ourselves and our customers to sustainable development. We respect all concerns for a healthy, evolutionary society by supporting wider development goals as defined by the UN.