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ASPIS was founded in 1970 as a family owned company. Its primary mission was to totally achieve customer satisfaction by always providing excellent product quality and service.

Today, 40 years and two generations later, these values, still a central building stone to our continuous success, enabled us to become the biggest Greece-based producer of fruit juice concentrates.

Having accomplished this feat, in the early 1908's we embarked on a program to strengthen the position of the company, in both, domestic and foreign markets. A commiting sales campaign soon resulted in ASPIS supplying the fruit juice industry throughout Europe, the Middle East and Latin America with the required raw materials.

Today, 85% of the company turnover arises from exports. Due to this presence in diverse, different markets, we have made it a top priority to handle each client individually. To maintain this priority on a long-term basis, we do our best to always meet our customer's personal expectations and supply products specifically created to fulfil their requirements

In order to support our vision throughout time, to increase the nutritional value of our goods and last but not least, to place an emphasis on consumer health matters, we always attach great importance to go with the highest technological production standards possible. Standards not only pursued within the production process, but as well before and after. Therefore we always share pertinent knowledge with the producers and suppliers of raw materials used, so as to achieve consequently high quality, sustainability and furthermore to protect our environment at all cost not only for us, but for the future generations.

Finally, global communication technology is indispensible to these endeavors, enabling us to quickly respond to our customer's demands and to simultaneously obtain current, useful information.

In today's globalized market we are growing by constantly re-evaluating our position in both, developed and developing countries, securing and enduring cooperation and a common future for everyone.

Konstantinos Dedes, Annual Meeting, Argos, January 28, 2008