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In 1970 Constantinos Dedes founded the Argiaki Industry for conserves ASPIS S.A., a small family owned fruit and vegetable canning company in Argos (Peloponnese), Greece.

During the company's first decade it was decided to enter the fruit juice market establishing the first production lines for the processing of citrus and deciduous fruits, a very decisive step for the future of the small company, later renamed to Hellenic Juice Industry ASPIS S.A. C Dedes.

The second decade found ASPIS strong enough to acquire the smaller, local juice producing and packing companies Lemora and Biofruit as well as canning industry PAN.

In the early 1990's the first Combibloc lines for retail products were installed entailing the entrance into a totally different market-section. At the same time the canning industry PAN was converted into a fresh fruit packing house and a new animal food production plant was installed next to the citrus fruit production area, fortifying the diversification plan of the company.

At that period the ecological awareness of the company was already a strong inner belief and closely related to the company's actions so as to support healthy sustainability of the crops. These, were the principals guiding ASPIS to become one of the first companies in Greece making a serious investment in waste water treatment, not the later upcoming marketing trends and law obligations.